The Threats

These are all the external forces which make Anise’ life complicated.

The Village
kind: family
impulse: to close ranks, protect their own
description & cast: a community of young artists, constantly seeking to make their names and become the next big thing. Sienna, Gabriel, Remy

The Atzlanti
kind: cult
impulse: to victimize & incorporate people
description & cast: a fearsome pantheon new to New York City, making plans to gather more power in the city. Xipe Totec, Opochtli, Eztli, Adriana, Voces Para El Futuro, Tomas Salinas

The Aesir
kind: dictator
impulse: to control
description & cast: an old pantheon, entrenched in city’s european roots, hoping to hold out against the press of the other pantheons. Frigg, Heimdall, Matthias

The Amatsukami
kind: hive queen
impulse: to consume and swarm
description & cast: small but proud and determined, the pantheon needs a home and new york city may be its last chance. Amaratsu, Muse-sama, Inari Okami, Tengu

The Threats

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