Name: Sanguine
Description: Gourmet, fusion restaurant
The Idea: A safe place for venting aggression
Aspect: Under new management
Face: Opochtli

Name: Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves
Description: Tea house for a traditional Japanese experience
The Idea: A sanctuary for traditional Japan
Aspect: Japan for sale
Face: Amaratsu-heika

Name: Busu Kakushi
Description: Cosmetic surgery clinic
The Idea: Modern techniques for traditional ideals
Aspect: Improvement through purity
Face: Doctor Muse-sama

Name: Saint Juanarius’
Description: Roman catholic cathedral with emphasis on death and sacrifice
The Idea: The vanguard for Aztec power and influence
Aspect: “The power of Christ compels you.”
Face: Xipe Totec

Name: Central Park
Description: Norse territory used for religious ceremonies by all pantheons
The Idea: Aztec cults perform unsanctioned rituals
Aspect: Off the grid
Face: Heimdall

Name: Mimirswell Library
Description: Historical library in the style of a Great Hall
The Idea: Asserting the Norse’ historical right to be in New York
Aspect: A tradition of greatness
Face: Frigg

Name: The Village
Description: The heart of New York’s art scene
The Idea: Social competition between artists
Aspect: Bohemian Backstabber
Face: Remy

Name: Ad Patres Cemetary
Description: Sprawling graveyard beyond the city limits
The Idea: Sabotage on sacred ground!
Aspect: Left for Dead
Face: Legba & Kalfu

Name: The Subway
Description: The New York subway system
The Idea: Open territory without real authority
Aspect: You’re not the boss of me!
Face: Irene


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