Name: Amaratsu-heika
Face of: Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves
High Concept: Ancient goddess aiming for greatness
Motivation: Bring about a revival of traditional Japanese faith
Relationships: Doctor Muse-sama, Opochtli, Frigg, Inari

Name: Xipe Totec
Face of: Saint Januaruis’
High Concept: Blood god with plow and scythe
Motivation: Prepare for the new world
Relationships: Opochtli, Eztli, Quetzalcoatl, Heimdall, Matthias

Name: Heimdall
Face of: Central Park
High Concept: Lone god keeping watch
Motivation: Working for honorable discharge
Relationships: Frigg, Xipe Totec, Matthias, Inari, Eztli, Muse-sama

Name: Frigg
Face of: Mimirswell Library
High Concept: A goddess who knows too much
Motivation: Protect her family as change comes
Relationships: Heimdall, Xipe Totec, Matthias, Amaratsu

Name: Remy
Face of: The Village
High Concept: Photographer, Best Friend, and Backstabber
Motivation: Get in with the godly elite
Relationships: Inari, Matthias, Anise

Name: Inari Okami
Face of: No one’s going to do it for you
High Concept: Foxy trickster spirit
Motivation: Organize and empower scions
Relationships: Remy, Amaratsu, Muse-sama, Matthias, Anise, Heimdall, Irene

Name: Matthias Agni
Face of: The cultures are fighting for what’s theirs
High Concept: Firefighter scion of Baldur
Motivation: Keep the world pure
Relationships: Frigg, Heimdall, Xipe Totec, Remy, Inari, Eztli, Opochtli

Name: Doctor Muse-sama
Face of: Busu Kakushi
High Concept: Ancient swordsmith turned reluctant surgeon
Motivation: Defend and impart traditional Japanese wisdom
Relationships: Amaratsu, Inari, Opochtli, Heimdall

Name: Opochtli
Face of: Sanguine
High Concept: God of the Hunt, Enforcer of Peace
Motivation: Display Aztec power
Relationships: Xipe Totec, Amaratsu, Muse-sama, Matthias, Frigg


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